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r’Osé from the Azienda Agricola Ramoino

Ligurian rosé wine

It is called r’Osé, and the label already leaves no room for doubt: it is a sensual, fresh wine, capable of seducing, for its taste, its aromas, its colours. It is a Rossese wine, with structure and nerve, softly vinified to conquer everyone’s palate, capable of unusual combinations, shellfish, oysters, fish, but also traditional Ligurian dishes, vegetable pies, focaccia, pesto and why not, rabbit.
Its name, r’Osé, states its function, that of seducing. The label, signed by the painter and ceramist Margherita Costa of Imperia, is her manifesto: a terracotta woman, naked, sometimes painted, sometimes not, depending on the years, a sort of “Mother Earth”, capable of ministering to the grapes which give us this splendid wine in her lap, but also a sort of “Maja Desnuda” by Goya, the essence of sensuality, malice, never of vulgarity.

A love marriage

Just like the wine and the label, true works of art, the first created by us at the Azienda Agricola Ramoino, the second, as mentioned, by Margherita Costa, with a study at the Parasio, more painter than ceramist, but who knew how to translate what has always been the wisdom of winemaking, made of tradition, sun, vineyard, terroir into visual art… Her women who have become a symbol of r’Osé are born from the earth, just like the wine, and marry this rosé, in a marriage of love, not of convenience. An artistic wedding, capable of satisfying those who love wine, but also those who love the symbols of wine, starting with the labels which must be a brand, but also a hint of what the bottle contains.

The Osé Collection


Rossese – 2018 Rosé wine

r'Osè 2018 - Ramoino Vini

Vine variety: Rossese

Area: Western Liguria

Alcoholic strength: 12,5%

Colour: orange, onion skin

Bouquet: fresh and mineral

Taste: soft and pleasantly mineral

Serving temperature: 11-12 °C

Winemaking: in steel

Ideal pairing: fish-based appetisers and fresh cheeses

Production: 1,000 bottles

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r'Osé 2017 - Ramoino