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Pigato from the Azienda Agricola Ramoino

Traditional Ligurian wine

The Pigato wine is the symbol of Riviera wines, but its history is highly controversial.
The vine (the DNA is that of Vermentino) was probably brought to Italy by the Greeks (who, together with the Phoenicians, were great ambassadors of vines and other plants from the Middle East, Thessaly in the case of this vine) and spread throughout the Riviera around 1600. In 1830, the archpriest Francesco Gagliolo planted the first vine variety in Ortovero, but the wine was only put on sale by the winemaker Rodolfo Gaggino around 1950, at a price of 300 lire. A Christmas menu of the Anfossi family dating back to the late 1930s reports the term “Pigato”, possibly deriving from the “piche” (spots) caused by the sun on the grape. In short, a Vermentino which changes its vocation and differs depending on the soil, the exposure, the air. Because wines are like men, there are brothers with identical DNA, but a different character and temperament.

Cultivation in the lands of origin

Here at the Azienda Agricola Ramoino, we have chosen to grow our Pigato in the area of origin by acquiring vineyards in Ortovero and Valle Arroscia, to provide, through the I Tipici line, the history, the aromas, the flavours of a great wine which, year after year, conquers the palates of connoisseurs.
In a glass of straw-coloured Pigato Doc, with reflections reminiscent of the Ligurian sun, you can savour the peaches that made Ortovero famous, the flavour of the saltness which warms the grapes, a land made of clays, of freshness, of a summer to be spent with a glass in hand whilst enjoying the sea breeze.

I Tipici


Riviera Ligure di Ponente – Registered Designation of Origin

Pigato- Ramoino Vini

Vine variety: Pigato

Area: Riviera Ligure di Ponente

Alcoholic strength: 13%

Colour: straw with golden reflections

Bouquet: ample and fruity with hints of peach

Taste: soft and persistent with a typical and pleasant aftertaste of sapid marine flavour

Serving temperature: 11-12 °C

Winemaking: in steel with at least a 5-month settlement period on the lees (bâtonnage)

Ideal pairing: first and second courses based on sea fish

Production: 14,000 bottles

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