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Moie from the Azienda Agricola Ramoino

Pigato wine selection

The Moie wine is a Pigato with a great body and structure, fruity and sapid. A sensual wine, perfectly represented by the sinuosity of the Gazelle of Valencia, painted on a stone around 12 thousand years ago in a cave in Valencia in Spain.
Moie is a very charming Pigato, a grape that is born and cultivated in the Riviera, ripened by the heat of the sun during the day, caressed by the breeze from the sea during the evening, a temperature change which gives the wine an intense aroma, a fruity, peach in particular, and almond flavour.
In short, a glass of Liguria which goes well with sea and Ligurian dishes, which characterise the cuisine of the Riviera, consisting of vegetables rich in flavour and fresh fish.

The label

A label says a lot about the wine that the bottle contains. This is why, for the best selections from our vineyards, we have chosen the first cave paintings, a way to link the history of man with that of winemaking. Thus, the contemporary art of conviviality ideally embraces the origin of thought; after all, wine and man have always walked hand in hand.

Collezione La Grotta Dipinta


Pigato – Riviera Ligure di Ponente – Registered Designation of Origin

Moie - Ramoino Vini

Vine variety: Pigato

Area: Western Liguria

Alcoholic strength: 13,5%

Colour: straw yellow with golden reflections

Bouquet: intense and fine of yellow-fleshed fruit

Taste: soft and fruity, persistent, with an almondy finish

Serving temperature: 11-12 °C

Winemaking: from selected grapes, in steel with at least an 8-month settling period on the lees (bâtonnage)

Ideal pairing: elaborate first courses with fish sauces, baked sea fish

Production: 6,000 bottles

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