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Restaurant surrounded by wine cellars and vineyards

Is it a cellar with a kitchen or a kitchen with a cellar?

The Hamletic doubt that hits many of the friends who arrive at the Azienda Agricola Ramoino in Sarola, where the winery, since the 80s, has been paired with the restaurant led with a firm hand by Cheffa Elvira, a true cooking wizard, capable of offering traditional recipes, but also of revising them, re-reading them in a modern key, without ever forgetting that onion frixöi (fritters) can be worth more than caviar.
In our Ramoino Family Restaurant in Sarola, we reiterate, the watchword is “There are those who live to eat and those who eat to live, we live WHEN we eat”. A truth which is experienced in the restaurant and in the tasting room of the wine cellar, where we welcome friends with whom we share convivial emotions, always in the name of wine.

Restaurant between culture, music, theatre and conviviality

An enchanted restaurant, where not only wines and food are the protagonists, but culture too, with the presentation of books, art, with exhibitions, music with concerts of all kinds, as we believe there is no good or bad genre. And then there are theme evenings, with local products, but also those from all over world, as cuisine is curiosity, contamination, openness to many cultures (discover our past and future evenings on And not only.

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Those who shy away from any form of stress will love to share the emotions of the day, offered by the engaging, creative, artistic spirit which is found in Elvira’s dishes.

The seasonality of the raw materials and the astral convergences, in fact, greatly influence the mood of “Cheffa”, and for this reason her dishes, true surprises of taste, can vary daily. It could not have been otherwise for a restaurant positioned right in front of the port of Oneglia, which has always been open to the world, to spices, products, contaminations… Especially when it is backed up by a culture consisting of wine and oil from the Impero Valley.

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Ristorante Ramoino - Zemin
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Ristorante Ramoino - Moscardini
Ristorante Ramoino - Coniglio ripieno
Ristorante Ramoino - Dolce cioccolato

Menu à la carte

  • Appetisers: Onion fritters, Grilled and marinated vegetables with oil from Taggia and aromatic herbs, Zucchini (Trombetta – a typical Ligurian variety) flan and oxheart tomato sauce, Celery salad, Toma (type of cheese), dried fruit, oil from Taggia and balsamic vinegar
  • First courses: Lean ravioli with Taggia’s oil, thyme and marjoram, Trofie with pesto, potatoes and green beans, Tagliatelle with porcini mushrooms, Risotto with Vermentino.
  • Main courses: Rabbit cooked Ligurian-style with pine nuts, olives and Pigato, Fried rabbit, Escargots cooked Ligurian-style with Ormeasco, Mixed fried vegetables, Buridda of stockfish, Finger-burning Anchovies.
  • Selection of cuts Selection of cheeses, Selection of cold cuts and salami.
  • Desserts: Bunettu, Elvira’s Tarts, Eggnog, Apple fritters.

Art Menu

For every two diners, a free painting reproducing a work by a contemporary artist:

  • Selection of appetisers
  • Two first courses
  • Two main courses
  • Chef’s sweet delight

Video recipes

Cheffa Elvira loves sharing her secrets, for this reason she has prepared a few video recipes for you of the traditional Ligurian dishes offered in our Restaurant.

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