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Highest quality grappas

Our grappas are selected from the best pomace, worked slowly and delicately in bain-marie stills, to completely exhaust their alcohol potential and maintain all their aromas.
All our grappas are distilled by the Santa Teresa Distillery of Fratelli Marolo in Alba. A distillery born in 1977 which immediately rose to the top of high-quality grappa production. After the first period spent distilling the pomace of the great wines of the Langhe, the increasingly prestigious distillery began working the pomace from other regions, including those of Liguria. It was almost natural for us at the Azienda Agricola Ramoino, constantly in search of excellence for our products, to have our grappa, or rather our grappas, produced by Fratelli Marolo.

Ligurian grappa, handcrafted stills

A long-lasting collaboration with positive results, we are appreciated not only for our wines, but also for the grappa (in fact there are three different types: Pigato, Vermentino and Rossese) of the highest quality, ideal as a digestive. This is how the Fratelli Marolo website explains the process: “All the pomace arrives fresh at the distillery, in an excellent state of conservation, at the right degree of fermentation… Distillation takes place through bain-marie batch pot stills… small quantities and very long times… The double steam boiler still avoids the direct contact of the pomace with the heat source… we obtain a spirit which is capable of conveying the vine variety from which it comes, of enhancing the typical aromas of the variety…”.
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Grappa from Rossese, Vermentino and Pigato pomaces

Our Grappas

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Grappa di Rossese

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Grappa di Vermentino

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Grappa di Pigato