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Historic wine cellar, new wine cellar, in Liguria

Where it is true that a good wine begins in the vineyard with good grapes, it is equally true that work in the cellar is fundamental for making a great wine. At the Azienda Agricola Ramoino, we have three wine cellars, the historic one in Sarola, one in Pieve di Teco and one, recently purchased, in Dolceacqua. The one in the main headquarters, in Sarola, located in underground and air-conditioned rooms, is where we take care of the ageing in wooden barrels, bottling and bottle ageing of all the wines. The large windows in the tasting room allow following all the stages of production, evolution and bottling.

Winemaking on the territory of origin

A visit to the wine cellar says many things about the passion and wisdom that we at the Azienda Agricola Ramoino put into the production of our wines. The bottles of Pigato and Vermentino which see the light in Sarola evoke the perfumes of the Riviera in the glass, the Dolceacqua winery, instead, is where the homonymous Rossese is born, a warm and persuasive wine. The choice to produce in different wine cellars is a sign of the deep respect that the Azienda Agricola Ramoino has for its wines. Working the grapes in their territory, caressed by the air which has grown them, significantly contributes to creating great wines, capable of unleashing those aromas and scents in the glass which contribute to making the wine fascinating and captivating.

Wine cellar with tasting room

A tasting, at the end of a visit to the cellar, can demonstrate better than any spoken word what drinking a great wine “in its own home” means. Precisely to allow everyone to find out how the great Ligurian wines are born, our wine cellars have always been open to the public, just contact us (Phone +39 0183 52646 Mobile +39 333 6781228) and arrange an appointment.
In Sarola, moreover, the tasting room, adjacent to the large spaces of the cellar with stainless steel barrels and barriques, is particularly warm and welcoming, boasting ancient presses, a large table for tasting together and exchanging views on wines, many ancient objects full of the charm and history of wine. A room capable of exciting wine lovers, but also of captivating those who have recently approached the world of wine. And to get to know us.

The winemaking cellars

They are located in the production areas of the 3 DOCs (Registered Designation of Origin Areas):

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cantina pieve di teco ramoino

Pieve di Teco

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