Unmistakable due to its intense purple colour, the Purple asparagus from Albenga is a unique variety. It cannot be crossbred with other varieties (its offspring would be sterile) and therefore cannot become a bastard variety. Many have tried to grow it elsewhere with poor results.
The alluvial soils of the Piana di Albenga are perfect thanks to the deep sandy and silty layer and to the microclimate.
Harvesting takes place from mid-March to early June. When grown in protected plots with heated soil, harvesting cannot begin before December and cannot extend beyond April.
The most suitable preparations for this soft and buttery asparagus (which does not have the stringiness of its counterparts) are those that enhance its delicacy. Simply lightly boiled and dipped in an extra virgin Taggiasca oil, they offer inimitable aromas and flavours. They also a great accompaniment for very delicate foods such as: boiled, steamed, baked fish, refined white meats.